Jun 5, 2011

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It’s not the whiteboard that’s the problem.

Go take a look at this excellent blog post by Matt Pearson : “Reports of the death of the whiteboard are much exaggerated.” In it he sums up a lot of our thinking on interactive whiteboards.

To those who claim that IWB’s are expensive white elephants we would argue that it is a matter of training. A school invests many thousands of pounds in technology, but then will not invest in the time or money to train their staff to make the best use of them. Hence the IWB’s become expensive screens.

A full day’s training would cost a school around £600 for up to 20 staff. That’s £30 a head. Split the day into two 1/2 day sessions and you could give 40 staff a good grounding in how to use their IWB for only £15 a head.

Is that not worth doing?

Contact us to find out more about our training options and how your school and your pupils could benefit from staff who know how to use their interactive whiteboard as more than just a screen to show videos on.

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